Hey, I'm Lewi.

In 2011 I decided to pack a bag and go see the world. Inspired by documentaries such as 'Baraka', I wanted to satisfy my wanderlust, immersing myself in different cultures whilst exploring the natural beauty our planet has on offer. Any traveller knows that it doesn't take very long until you find yourself staring at things through a camera lens, yearning to capture these moments. I've always been really creative, however this felt like more than a hobby to me. I wanted to inspire people with photography & film, just as I had been inspired. I wanted to elicit the same wanderlust that wrenched me from my home years before. Igniting curiosity, ignoring the prevalent isolation and disconnection that resides around us. In 2015 on a hitch hiking trip from the east to west coast of Africa I made a promise to myself to return home and follow this passion. 

This is where my journey begins......